How many trees will offset your CO2 emissions?

Planting trees is our most effective means of removing CO2 from our atmosphere.

Answer the below questions to estimate your annual CO2 emissions and how many trees will offset them.

Fuel Consumption

How much do you spend on fuel?

dollars per week

Public Transport

How many kilometres do you travel on public transport?

km per week

Air Travel

How much time do you spend flying?

hours per year

Meat Consumption

How much meat do you consume?

kg per week

Data Usage

What is your monthly data usage?

GB per month

Electricity and Gas Consumption

How would you catagorise your current home?

An estimate of your electricity usage is shown below based on your answer, read more here.

kWhr per year

Where do you use natural gas at home?

An estimate of your gas usage is shown below based on your above answers.

GJ per year

Please note that the above estimates may include more than one person. If you are an individual living in a small apartment or room select "Small Apartment".

Other Emissions

Here you can factor in any emissions which weren't mentioned above.

tons of CO2 per year

You emit 1120 tons of CO2 every year!

100 trees

will consume 2.1 tons of CO2 in 1 year

100 family homes

generate 2.1 tons of CO2 in 1 year

driving 5000 km

will generate 2.1 tons of CO2

Downloading 40 GB

will generate 2.1 tons of CO2


What does offset mean?

If you produce 1 ton of CO2 each year then offseting it means to do something that will either consume 1 ton of CO2 from the atmonsphere or prevent another 1 ton of CO2 be emitted.

For example:

Can I pay a service to offset my carbon emissions?

The easiest way to do this is by donating to organisations which plant trees around the world. Typically it costs $1 for one tree to be planted.

There are many start-up companies which claim to offset your emissions via a monthly subscription or by paying a little extra on your ecommerce transactions.

Before you invest in one of these services you should carefully research where your money is going. Many claim to invest your money into renewable technologies but this may not mean your carbon emissions are being offset.

How accurate is this emissions calculator?

The emissions calculator provides a rough estimate of your carbon emissions.

The calculator averages documented carbon emission rates over a year based on your answers to provide a monthly emission level.

This means that the calculator depends not only on the accuracy of the documented carbon emission rates, but also on the accuracy of the information you have provided.

It is important to remember that the purpose of the emission calculator is to help you roughly identify how much carbon you are emitting and how many trees must be planted annually to offset it.

What do you do with my data?

We do not collect any of your data.

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